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Create Football Formation

Create football formations using one of over 3500 real football team templates from the current season or build your own custom football lineup from scratch.

Whether you make your starting XI shine or create lineups for a 5-a-side or 7-a-side, the app makes it easy to create your custom formations.

Use any tactics from 4-4-2 to 4-1-3-2 or design your own football formation with the drag and drop feature of the lineup builder.

build you football lineups

Make your Lineup Shine

Create formations with great shirts and colorful labels. Add depth and shadows to make shirts stand out for a lineup that matches your design perfectly.

Individually style the goalkeeper's jersey and use back or front-facing shirts for your home and away starting eleven.

build you football lineups

Football Pitch with Style

Design your custom football formation images with the perfect style. Experiment with perspective, select unique surfaces, play with a palette of colors, adjust lighting, and choose distinct player styles.

Make sure your football formations look great and pop out. See what lineup images you can build in the showcase.

create football formation with player ratings lineup builder


Rate players' match performance, integrate these ratings into your football lineup, and highlight your man of the match.

Annotate with comments because stats don't tell it all and pundits don't know it all. After the final whistle, share your expert insights and remarks on your team's dedicated football formations page.

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Make your perfect lineup and simply download it as an image.

Whether you're showcasing your formation on a fan forum, breaking down tactics on a blog, or engaging in heated debates on social media, easily construct your football team's next match chosen XI with the flexibility you require.

Alternatively, publish the lineup to a dedicated team's page, share the link, or promote your upcoming local club match across the web.

create football formations with custom jersey lineup builder


Make football jerseys to use in your custom football formation, design your shirt and pick your colors to easily build and customise your football lineup.

create football formation team builder templates


Pick from over 2500 football team sheet templates featuring players of the current season so you don't have to add them all. Make, edit and customise your own football team - or clone an existing football formation and make it your own.

latest football formations & player ratings

    football lineup builder andriod app ios app desktop app create online football formations

    Use the lineup builder on any device

    Design your starting XI effortlessly with the lineup builder web app, optimized for desktop, Android, and iOS. The app offers a seamless experience whether you're using it as an Android app, an iOS app, or accessing the online desktop version.

    Conveniently create your lineup 11 from anywhere at any time.

    Further, you can add the lineup builder app to your Android or iOS homescreen. Say goodbye to unnecessary downloads and installations – this app simplifies it all.

    create football lineups builder andriod app ios app desktop app create online football formations

    All Football Formats, One Lineup Builder

    From the courts of South American Futsal and the enclosed turfs of traditional 5-a-side, to the sandy terrains of beach soccer and the developmental setups of 7-a-side or 9-a-side youth football - homecrowd has you covered.

    Easily design and showcase lineups for every variant of mini football or youth league games.

    Make football formations for any match, on any pitch, tailored to your tactical needs.

    build football formations andriod app ios app desktop app create online football formations

    Privacy & Flexibility in Lineup Creation

    Choose to swiftly download your lineup11 for immediate use on blogs, articles, or social media without storing or publishing it on our platform - a nod to those who prioritize privacy.

    If you choose to go public, control your lineup's online duration, ideal for both data privacy and short-term lineup promotions.

    Every shared lineup shines on a dedicated football formations page, allowing you to add context, descriptions, or individual player insights, and can briefly be spotlighted on our homepage for wider visibility.

    Build Football Lineups Tailored to Your Narrative

    Ever found yourself in a pickle on fan forums, trying to explain your ideal starting eleven for the next big match?

    The lineup builder sorts it right out for you, all neat and tidy. And if you fancy a bit of banter on social media or perhaps even sharing your sage wisdom on YouTube, you can whip up a lineup that’s as clear as a crisp Match of the Day replay.

    For the unsung heroes scribbling away at match reports or delving deep into tactical analyses, here's your chance to slide in a cheeky formation graphic, elevating those pieces with a touch of visual flair.

    As for telegram journalism – a modern twist in the tale of football reporting – the lineup builder has your back, ensuring everything remains tight and on point in your live feed.

    Great online tool for creating football lineups. Love it! It almost feels like playing a game - very addictive.
    J. v. H.

    For our grassroots aficionados, whether you're managing your local side or just a die-hard supporter, this tool is a handy addition to your arsenal. Craft your lineup and drum up excitement for the next big local clash. After all, every match is a cup final in its own right.

    So, in the immortal words of football itself: Give Homecrowd’s football lineup builder a try. And remember, while football is always about the joy of the game, a little tech on the side never hurts!

    create football formation team builder templates

    Visit our blog to stay updated, learn how to make your football formation using the lineup builder or check the lineup showcase to see what you can create with homecrowd.