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The Great Digital Offside

How Data Privacy Regulations Push Private Web Projects to the Edge

Ah, football. While it might not always be precise or predictable, it boasts a clear set of rules that everyone understands. If only navigating the complex realm of European data privacy regulations could offer the same clarity and simplicity.

Yet, for someone managing a private web project like, these regulations often resemble a complex play, where each actor (or regulator) has their unique interpretation. Instead of effortlessly aiming for the net, I find myself entangled in a dance of confusion, trying to decode the multifaceted tactics of EU, UK, SWISS et. al. guidelines.

Navigating the mire of European data regulations feels less like a shot on goal and more like trying to dribble past a maze of defenders, each interpreting the rules in their own way.

A Game Rigged Against the Underdogs

It's clear that the primary aim of these intricate regulations is to rein in the Goliaths of the digital world. However, the aftershocks of this regulatory earthquake are felt most profoundly by the Davids, like me.

While these laws were likely drafted with the tech titans in mind, as a private website owner, I'm caught in the same sweeping net. This means that, instead of dedicating my energies to refining and enhancing, I'm entrenched in the quagmire of compliance. Every update, every change, every new feature is weighed down by a burgeoning checklist of data protection requirements.

Frankly, as a private website owner who does this as a side project, I'm on the brink of hanging up my boots. Rather than introducing new features, I'm navigating a maze of clauses and sub-clauses to ensure I don’t inadvertently step out of bounds.

However, Data privacy is as essential as a solid defense in football. And just like I wouldn't leave a match with my team down 0:3, I'm not giving up on this.

But to avoid drowning in administrative tasks, changes are on the horizon. I'm taking these steps to simplify and streamline compliance, ensuring I stay on the ball in all countries.

upcoming changes

From day one, the aim has always been to keep things neat and clutter-free, mirroring the beautiful simplicity of football. When grappling with the vast scope of data regulations from different corners of the world, the only feasible strategy for a personal side project that happens to have a lot of users around the world is: adhere to the most restrictive denominator.

So here's the game plan:

  1. Private Creation: Design your football lineup image without the need to publicly share. A simple right-click (or 5-second hold on mobile) on the screen where you style your formation lets you download the lineup image.

  2. Flexible Sharing: Choose your sharing duration. Opt for a retention period of 1 day, 3 days, or 3 weeks based on your need.

  3. Cookie Control: Analytics is pivotal for site improvement, but your privacy is paramount. Sorry for just another Banner.

  4. Clear Communication: Amplified the message that saving a formation means it's available online, ensuring full transparency. Seemingly, this was not clear to all users.

  5. Transparent Intentions: Need confirmation when saving a formation before it’s online. Sorry for the additional checkbox!

  6. Archived Lineup Purge: A nod to the right to be forgotten, I’ll be clearing old lineups in the coming months. Fancy keeping yours? If there's something you cherish, ensure you download it soon.

And don’t forget: while provides the tools to create and share football lineups, the responsibility for content rests with you. Football's heart beats in village clubs, weekend kickabouts, and youth leagues just as much as in grand stadiums.

Creating these community lineups may spotlight individuals not used to the limelight. Before slotting in a name, ensure you're not inadvertently sidelining someone's privacy. Have their nod, perhaps stick to first names, and steer clear of age, birthdate, or locale specifics. Let’s keep the love for the game alive, without encroaching on individual privacies.

read more about data privacy here

Best of luck to all your teams, and may this season be filled with unforgettable goals. Cheers to the beautiful game!